Diversity tips for a Senior Care Business Owner: Living Kosher in Our Communities

If you have worked in the senior care industry, you understand that we are in service of our community. This generally means that those we serve, we will interact with in business as well as in our personal lives. Because we live in a diverse world that we share with many of different faiths and cultures, there is a high likelihood that we will find ourselves having to serve those that are different than ourselves but must still show them courtesy and respect.

As a consultant, I often get questions from new and nervous business owners who are interested in working with those in the Jewish communities, but do not know about the culture and customs and are hesitant or, even nervous to pursue a relationship because they simply do not understand what it means to live Kosher. So, we reached out to our resources and were fortunate enough to have Rabbi Motti Grossbaum of the Village Chabad in Long Island New York come and speak with us to help us learn how Senior Care businesses can respectfully work with those who live Kosher.

A key take-away from this conversation, for me, was that most people are aware of the fact that not everyone is knowledgeable, and those of the Jewish faith are no different in this regard. This video is intended to help educate Home Care and other Senior Care business owners on some of the customs of those who live Kosher so they can provide a better service and become more actively involved in the entire community without having to exclude anyone because of a lack of understanding. When in doubt, ask, but remember, if you want to grow your agency, people need to be able to Know, Like & Trust your agency's ability to provide quality and respectful care.

Understanding how to respectfully work with this rich and amazing part of our community can be fulfilling in many ways. Let us know in the comments about your experience working with members of your community.

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