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Julio Briones Speaker

Racism, yes, it exists. So what? Outcomes in life are not equal, but opportunities are, work harder. Life is not always fair, accept it and move on. People will be unscrupulous and still succeed. Some people are born into a privileged life, not because of race or gender, most of the time it is because someone who came before them worked harder and smarter. Some people are born poor, and have other disadvantages; other people are born with the world at their feet. My imaginary online friends aren't giving me enough likes.


In life, we often ask ourselves, who is meant to succeed? Who is meant to fail? Is it meant only for the chosen few? Or, is there more to the story? The reality is that we are the sum of our experiences and while our past has shaped us, are our past decisions meant to forever define us in society?


Join Julio as he walks you through his own personal journey learning lessons about life, faith, gratitude, and determination. His voyage through the prison system has given him a unique perspective on what is truly important in life and in business. He has learned to let those debilitating crutches of self-doubt and self-victimization go to redefine what success means to him and within the construct of his own life. Are you ready? 

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