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Not a law firm, social worker, nor medical professional. We provide no legal nor clinical advice. All information and service provided is based on the personal and professional experience of your consultant(s).


Prepare Respond Evaluate Plan Apply Reevaluate Execute

Personal Crisis comes in many forms and is usually unexpected. This could be as sudden and unexpected as a sudden illness or accident or something a bit more common such as an arrest or discovering an older loved one can't manage on their own. 

Are you ready? 

                   Is your family?

                                         How about your business?

How well will your business operate if you are not around? Do you have the systems in place for your business to run absentee or semi-absentee? When it comes to Personal Crisis, experience matters. Our CEO, Julio Briones, understands what it takes to get your business ready. Prior to going through his own issues, he was the owner of a retail clothing store and worked for many years as a Franchise Business Consultant, developing and implementing systems for a service-based franchise. Let him and the rest of our team of experts train you and your staff so you can be at ease should you need your business to continue to operate smoothly while you have an extended time away. 

We will:

  • Evaluate your current operations (On-site)

  • Develop a Plan

  • Coach the owner(s) 

  • Train management staff

  • Assist in policy creation

  • Train key positions (Operations, Business Development, Client Services)

    • Maximize your Business Development team's efficient use of their assigned territory​

    • Understand the value your services bring to maximize your margins

    • Use processes to streamline daily, weekly and monthly operational tasks

    • Use Client Relations to increase revenue by as much as 20% annually

  • Continued support and coaching

    • Six (6), Nine (9), and Twelve (12) month plans available

  • Specializing in Retail & Service based businesses 

An Ounce Of Prevention Workshops:


  • Building Your Personal Crisis Toolbox

    • Learn what it takes to Be Prepared. We will show you what to have at the ready in the event of a Personal Crisis and why

  • Surviving Arrest

    • Knowing how to interact with police, understanding the process and taking the right steps immediately after an arrest can greatly impact the outcomes in a criminal proceeding


Personal Crisis Management

Julio Briones at The New Hope Baptist Church

When Personal Crisis is looming, time is of the essence. Look to the professionals you could trust. Whether you have been arrested, are planning for divorce, are dealing with an addicted loved one or are navigating through the maze of senior care, we have the solutions for you.


Services can include (But not limited to):

  • Building Your Personal Crisis Toolbox (Pre-Crisis Preparation)

  • Senior Care Consulting 

  • Prison Consulting and Preparation

  • Specialty Concierge Services

  • Addiction Treatment Chaperone (Non-clinical Escort)

  • And More Personal Crisis Management Services to Suit Your Needs!


Not all services available in all areas.​

Julio Briones at The New Hope Baptist Church