Service Area / Territory Optimization

“Success is where Preparation and Opportunity Meet.”

Bobby Unser

Whether you are an independently owned agency or part of a franchise system, one of your first pre-opening tasks is to select and understand your service area (territory). There are few tasks more critical when it comes to the future success of your venture into the world of Home Care.

Why is Optimizing so Crucial?

It really starts with understanding and defining your objectives. What type of business are your trying to run? Are you focusing on the Private Pay space? State Payer sources such as Medicaid, Medicare or VA?

Next, you want to know where your staff will live. Let's face it, if you have clients but no one to service them, do you even have a business? Hiring caregivers is a struggle for so many home care agency owners and understanding where they are within your service are, especially in relation to your clients and referral partners can have a significant impact on your overall business growth. 

The final part of the equation has to do with understanding which facilities need to be a part of your overall strategies. Using a "shotgun" approach to marketing and business development, especially when trying to establish yourself in a new market, can cost you in both time and missed revenue opportunities. 

Why Us?

Having an intensive background in Private Pay Home Care as well as in the support and strategic growth side of Franchising allows us to understand the needs of our clients. We use a proprietary, data driven approach to help you select and / or optimize your service area (territory) for maximum results in the shortest amount of time. 

Many studies, by such organizations as the Alexander GroupHarvard Business Review & Northwestern University have shown that working with an optimized territory can increase overall sales, performance and productivity by as much as 30%. 

Our goal is to work with you and your team to create custom data driven and experience based solutions that will help you achieve your recruitment, revenue and overall business growth goals effectively and efficiently.

Personalized Solutions

Every Home Care business is unique. This means that designing a service area / territory cannot be a canned solution. It needs to be a tactic to ensure your team is targeting the right referral partners and identifying the goals they need to achieve growth, stability and profitability.

Optimization Benefits

Consider these benefits and values of having a solid territory plan:

  • Grow Your Revenue

  • Increase Productivity with Targeted Prospecting

  • Enhance Your Resources Management​

  • Improve Recruitment Outcomes

  • Build Better Relationships with Referral Partners and Clients

  • Much More!

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