Strategic Planning

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do – it’s a matter of being different at what you do.” Michael Porter

We have said it many times...and it rings true now as much as ever, there is no easy button. This means, that from time to time, we might need an extra set of eyes to help us meet our business goals and get us to past a hurdle. Briones Consulting Group is here to help assess, analyze and implement the strategies your home care agency needs to achieve your goals.


The fact is that if you do not know it is broken, you can never fix it...this is especially true in business. Many times we will know something just isn't going quite right and just because we do not see what the problem is, we can never take the proper steps to take the corrective actions needed to see the growth we want. 

Our assessments take a deep look into your internal processes and results so we can give you a proper set of corrective recommendations that will take your Home Care agency to new heights. We understand that regardless of how you own your business, Independent owner or Franchise, it is still you, the owner making decisions, no one else. For this reason we do not use a cookie cutter approach.

A Collaborative Approach

Once we know assess the issue, it is time to get to work on the plan. We will work with you to come up with a solution to fit your specific needs, timeline and budget. 

It all begins with you first submitting your questions and most pressing concerns. Our team will then address them and schedule a video conference where we will address your concerns. These session are designed to develop a working strategy that will be most appropriate for your agency. 

Custom Solutions

One size doesn't fit all. While the homecare industry has many similarities regardless of where the agency is located, there is a lot to be said about dealing with localized concerns. We take into consideration your local market, staffing needs, and personality and even your family and desire for a work-life balance when crafting our solutions. Whether you need "done for you", "done with you", or "done by you" services we will provide the answers, support and training you need to put the right pieces in place. 

On line or On site

Every home care agency is as unique as it's owner and that means our solutions need to be also. We understand that sometimes the best solution involves a more "hands-on" approach. We offer flexibility and will provide our sessions in person or in a video conference, depending on your needs and budget.

On-going Support

Once we have assessed your Home Care Agency's needs and had our strategy session, we will then follow-up with training and coaching to assure you are able to successfully implement your new strategies successfully. We will create custom metrics and tracking to show you in real time how your progress is changing your business' trajectory and allow for decisions to be made to get your agency where you envision.

Take that all important first step and schedule a call with us today.