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Preparing for Personal Crisis: What's in your Toolbox?

June 13, 2019


     Have you ever found yourself in a bind and thought about how much easier it would have been had you had things ready? Did your lack of preparation make thing worse? Cost you money? Did you lose business because you couldn't be there? 


     Preparing a Personal Crisis Toolbox will save you time, aggravation and, in some cases, money. While each Toolbox is unique to each client, these are some of the most common items included.


  • Spare Keys: While having spares of your house and car keys makes sense under normal circumstances, in the event of a Personal Crisis such as sudden illness, arrest or injury, this spare set become that much more important.

  • Current List of Professional Service Providers: If you or a loved one find yourself under arrest or suddenly I'll, someone should be able to contact your most trusted service providers quickly. Having a doctor not familiar with your medical history or having to rely on a public defender could both be bad for your health.

  • Important Legal Documents: Having Powers of Attorney in place when a Personal Crisis strikes means you have people that can act on your behalf immediately. 

  • Accounts and Passwords: This is pretty self explanatory. Make a list of all accounts and passwords, keep them in a safe place and update them regularly. If you ever find yourself dealing with an arrest, kidnapping, or sudden death in your family, you will be grateful for the immediate access to information.

  • Identifying Documents: Having your license or State issued ID is common sense. Having immediate access to Social Security cards, medical insurance cards, passports, etc. Is priceless.

  • Other Important Documents: Have Deeds, Life Insurance policies, partnership agreements, at the ready...just in case.

  • Storage: Depending on your personal situation, you might want to invest in waterproof document bags, fire resistant lock boxes, safety deposit boxes, etc.


     Preparing for Personal Crisis is not something we ever think we will need to do. In fact, the most common statement I hear from people is "That's great, but it will never happen to me". The second most common is "I should have been better prepared". Contact us today to learn more on how we can help you Prepare [P.R.E.P.A.R.E.]

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