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7 Sins of Personal Crisis

April 10, 2019


When dealing with a Personal Crisis, many of us make mistakes that could make a bad situation much worse. I know I did when I went through my own Personal Crisis, as do the majority of my clients. The greatest of these are what we at the Briones Consulting Group have come to recognize as the 7 Sins of Personal Crisis:

1. Pride
Being proud if an achievement is healthy, allowing pride to cause you to believe "it could never happen to me" is a recipe for disaster. We are all susceptible to misfortune and, unfortunately, the odds aren't in your favor.

2. Being Unprepared
While we all hope for a trouble and stress-free life, allowing your pride to cloud your judgment could lead you to be unprepared. This will leave you at a distinct disadvantage if a Personal Crisis does come knocking on your door.

3. Panic
When we aren't prepared, panic can take over. This can lead to us being reactive instead of being proactive. Most bad (and costly) decisions result from this type of repsonse.

4. Inaction
Panic can also lead to paralysis and total inaction. In most Personal Crises situations, time is of the essence and inaction could cost you time, money, and potentially a favorable outcome.

5. Self-stigmatization
Not acting in time and missing opportunities to mitigate damages could lead to feelings of guilt and Self-stigmatization. This can lead to negative feelings about ourselves and, in some instances cause us to lash out at those trying to help us.

6. Shame
One of the most detrimental side effects of pride and self-stigmatization is shame. This is a strong emotion that stops many of us from seeking out help. The "What will the neighbors think" train of thought has never led anyone to a happy place.

7. Isolation
When the world is falling apart around us, our own destructive behaviors and attitudes can lead us to a place of isolation. When we let our pride drive and we head down the wrong path, finding the Personal Crisis Sins along the way, it almost always leads to isolation. This is a lonely place and probably the most dangerous.

We can help create your Personal Crisis Toolbox so you are prepared and we offer experience based coaching and consulting. Whether you want help for yourself, a loved one, clients or employees, the Briones Consulting Group has the solutions for you to R.E.B.U.I.L.D.  

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