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but need to know if I'm able to do it through GUI you should be able to do it gui luiscino: type ae then enter in the command line this is a slightly different usage than you might be used to !upstart | luiscino luiscino: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model. For more information please see: EriC^^: I know about upstart but the GUI is not working, it still prompt me to use GUI it has the function of getting an idea of where your ssh servers are on your network and allows you to assign static ip addresses to the computers that connect to you as they appear in your router it would let you assign a static ip to a vagrant user by going through the gui and clicking on the vagrant user after putting in the ip of the network interface there are alot of guides that will teach you how to use the vagrant command line but i dont remember them all off hand luiscino: you need to edit /etc/default/aeproxy for it to be run as user ok, I'm a newbie on Linux so I don't understand go to a terminal and run vagrant -h to see all of the options i believe its --help and i think thats the most helpful luiscino: you'll need to open a terminal and type sudo nano /etc/default/aeproxy and look for the line that says start=0 luiscino: then press Ctrl+X, type y, then Enter and then sudo service ae-proxy start EriC^^: no I need to do it to show you what I get in the GUI and then I try it in the GUI. I can't run the GUI after I do it from terminal or start=1 but that one may not be working for you EriC^^: It is impossible




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