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Covid-19 Recovery: Developing Your Plan

It has been months and your business has been severely impacted. You are struggling, but have managed to hold on without losing everything. Now the governments are opening up the economies and you are probably asking yourself "Now what?"

Opening up again will be great and, after a long lock-down, such as this, the general public will be looking for services and a sense of normality. The fact is, people are social animals and we yearn for interaction. Whether or not you will have a lasting success once you reopen will greatly depend on how you react and move forward. We suggest the following.


Life tends to work in cycles, especially when it comes to business. Good times slow and slow times get better. This pandemic and the general sense of fear will also end. When it does and the dust settles, those with a feasible plan will have the highest likelihood of success.

Clients will also expect more out of businesses. Those who learned to adapt to technologies that will allow for speed and better cater to the client's needs will likely receive more referrals and see more repeat business. If you don't have a plan on how to make your clients feel reassured and protected, and that they are the priority, you might not have paying clients for much longer.


As mentioned, we are about to be thrust back into the new normal. Ask yourself...what did we do right throughout this ordeal? What could have been better? Most importantly, how do we adapt to better serve our client base?

Taking a hard look at your actions until now and being able to develop a Plan of Correction, will keep you ahead of the pack. It will also allow you to put into place new KPIs, Policies and procedures that will help you continue to follow that plan.


Understanding your service offering down to it's most basic element will allow you to better understand the pain point you actually solve. This, in turn, will allow you to be able to better consider HOW you actually help people. Being able to pivot is taking this understanding and adapting your existing services in such a way that you could help your traditional clients more effectively as well as attracting a new, non-traditional client base.

There is no magic formula to success, but the proven formula to failure is inaction and not properly planning. The success of your business is rooted in your decisions and actions. If you would like to schedule a free discovery call, CLICK HERE.


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