Business Valuation and Intelligence Service

What is your exit strategy? Are you planning on one day selling your business? Leaving it to a loved one as your legacy? Will you hold on to your business as a source for retirement income? Or do you just plan on shutting it down as you drift off into your golden years? 

98% of Business Owners do not know their own business's worth because traditional valuations are often:

  • Too Expensive

    • Depending on size it could cost over $8,000​

  • Time Consuming

    • Could take up to 4 weeks to complete

  • Complicated

    • Too many moving parts and because you rely on your valuator's schedule, it may take you from running your business

  • Triggered by a life major event

    • Most wait until there is a lawsuit, divorce, retirement, or other major event to know the worth of their business

"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest" Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin put it best. Knowing what your agency is currently worth will give you some very distinct advantages in the long term, namely:


  • It makes sense

    • A business is, more often than not, the biggest asset one owns, it just makes sense to know that it is worth.

  • Planning

    • Over or under valuing your business could cost you financing opportunities, set you up for poor retirement planning and affect your ability to grow or scale your business

  • Growth and Expansion

    • The evaluation process we use draws on industry statistics and Key Performance Indicators that will give you deeper insight into your specific business's needs.

    • This will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to improve performance for better long-term results

What is the Cost? 
And other Common Questions

  • How much is it going to cost?

    • We offer a number of packages, the most basic one is $849 and it includes your Valuation Report, an Insurance Value Report and a review with our staff. ​

  • Wait, you said earlier this could cost over $8,000 how come your price is so much less?

    • Through the use of technology and our strategic partnership with BizEquity, our valuations are done much faster and require much less manpower to complete. 

  • Are your valuations Certified? 

    • No, we are not Attorneys nor CPA's and, as a result we do not offer Certified Valuations. (It's another way we keep the cost to you down).

  • How do we get started? 

    • Just scroll down and start your valuation, no pressure to you to buy anything, if you decide you want to work with us, let us know and we will set everything up on our end to schedule a time to review the report and deliver your materials.