Creating Your Business Avatar

“Baby steps add up to Giant Leaps” Julio Briones

In business, an avatar is used to create a model for an ideal client. This is usually done by looking granularly at the life of the fictional entity and building a campaign around them until they become real enough to make your desired results a reality. 

This is an effective method to turn visualization into practical, real world results, so why not apply it in your business?

Building Your Avatar

Before you can embark on your journey, you need to know where you are going. That means working through and identifying where you want to be in a fixed time frame. Looking at your business through the lense of tomorrow will allow you to carve out a clear path to success.

The 5 Elements of Success

We look at 5 primary elements to help you plan for growth and success

  1. Your vision / definition of a successful business

  2. Your Goals and Values​​

  3. Your Personal Assets and Liabilities (No, it's not what you think)

  4. Your Challenges (and of course the solutions)

  5. Your Milestones and KPIs 

Getting Started

Ready to get your business on track? GREAT! We are happy to help. We have 1-1 and group coaching options where we will work to help you identify and put together your Business Avatar and even offer coaching options to help you stay the course with accountability and strategy along the way. 


We are also available for interactive workshops and strategy sessions with your team or at your next conference. 

Schedule your Discovery Call to learn more about booking us for your networking event, corporate meeting or conference. 

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